Giant Schnauzer from Adora

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Giant Schnauzer  June 2024

Fendi falling for you von Adora

Torre de la Vela Einstein

Litter November 2020🐝

litter in january 14.    2020 from                           Hot Girl Adora and  Gentleman Glenn vom Ann Chatou

Puppies are borne at 2018.11.11

next litter we plan with

Hot Girl Adora vom Glonntal

in November 13. 2018

James Bond von der Talmühle

Next litter expekted end of september from Fina and Dragon Fantom Chlumu

Puppies are borne at 2018.08.22

James Bond von der Talmühle

Fina vom Glonntal

we expect puppies around August 24.2018

Summer  2018 we are planing the next litter with Fina vom Glonntal and James Bond von der Talmühle


Puppies will be Born around August 24.

litter is borne 07.07.2017 beautiful Fina and  Charm Radinie

Litter is borne at mai 31. 2016

we are so happy, Puppies on the way. Fina is doing very well and we are so exited for the next weeks

rwe are waiting for Finas heat in March

the stud dog is already selected


Ringo von der Talmühle